Friday, May 15, 2015

DIY Guide: FREE China Internships Without Scams!

Why worry about all the fraud vultures circling above you, when you can get your own Fortune 500 or MNC company internship in China absolutely FREE, and without risk of being scammed?  No I am not drunk and there is no typo. I did in fact say FREE (aside from your air fare of course).  Just scroll down for details...

I know... most all the ads you see on line are from companies who want to "help you" but in the end they all want money from you - from $999 to $ 4,999 and that my friends is an insult to your intelligence and mine.  In fact, if anyone wants you to pay ANY money for a China internship or even a job - Run! Run far and fast because that is one of five red flag alerts that you just encountered another China scam. There are dozens of them and foreigners are their favorite targets.  Here are the other four red flags to watch out for:

So getting back to free... At the next link is 20 famous Fortune 500 companies operating in China. There are over 300.  Pick one that interests you. One where you may want to work on a long time basis and where you will intern 90 days to prove your value to them as an intern. Next you will contact their HR department and ask for the "Intern Coordinator". What do you say?  Read here:

When you get to China do your very best every day. Make your questions count and focus on the quality of your work.  Show your interest in learning Chinese and all about the company. In the end, only 1 out of 5 interns will be hired, but luckily not all interns come to China to be hired. Some come as a scholastic requirement, and others just use it as way to visit and explore China. So be sure to make your intentions known during your orientation and during the last two weeks of your internship. 

You can also intern with a Chinese company if you like, but be super careful and check with China Scam Patrol to check the reputation of the company first. See: Be sure to start this process within 45 days of your departure date and 60 days is even better. Bon voyage and be sure to visit the amazing Great Wall!